Hefang Ancient Street
Dive into Hefang Ancient Street in Hangzhou’s Old Town. This traditional pedestrian shopping street is crammed with curiosities and delights. Shops sell locally-made products from tea and cakes to swords and chopsticks. Tai Chi Teahouse is home to six generation of tea masters, be sure to visit to experience a traditional tea ceremony.
Hangzhou Tea Culture
Tea is an important part of Hangzhou culture. Visit Meijawu Tea Village, and learn to pick tea-leaves in its tea plantation, one of the most important bases for tea production in China, and producer of the renowned Dragon Well (Longjing) tea. Don’t miss Hangzhou National Tea Museum on the shore of West Lake where you can learn about the evolution of Chinese tea and tea culture over the centuries.
China National Silk Museum
Hangzhou’s history is richly intertwined with the Silk Road trading thanks to its key role as a silk producing region. On the southern bank of West Lake, the China National Silk Museum brings to life the origin and development of the silk produced in Hangzhou, and the importance of silk in ancient society and trading.
Handicraft Museum
Hangzhou Arts & Crafts museum offes a fascinating insight into traditional Chinese handicrafts. Experience the craftsmanship of silk weaving, Fuyang Bamboo Paper, silk parasols and scissor making, browse the beautiful finished products, and even have a go yourself. The Museum is located in the West Gongchen Bridge Historic Block of the Grand Canal.

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