Longjing Tea Shrimps
A light and fragrant dish, Longjing prawns stir-fried with Dragon Well tea is a well-known Hangzhou delicacy. A must-try on your visit!
Lou Wai Lou Restaurant
Enjoy a traditional meal at Lou Wai Lou restaurant with views of West Lake. Be sure to try beggar’s chicken, Aunt Song fish soup, and lotus roots steamed with sticky rice.
Zhi Wei Guan
Serving up traditional Hangzhou dishes at affordable prices, this restaurant is great for sampling lots of dishes and flavours. Try some famous Hangzhou ham and cured meats or be adventurous and try something you've never heard of!
Shengli River Food Street
This is a Hangzhou institution, packed with delicacies from all over China and of course Hangbangcai (Hangzhou cuisine). Recently renovated as part of the preparations for the G20 summit hosted in Hangzhou, the wooden structures have a refreshed but antique beauty.

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