West Lake walking/cycling/boat tours
Selected by CNN as one of the world’s most “superb sunset spots”, a visit to Hangzhou’s iconic lake is not to be missed. For the ultimate Insta-sunset shot, head to Broken Bridge, Su Causeway or Yanggong Causeway. But don’t hold out for sunset, West Lake is beautiful at any time of day, so make the most of the gorgeous scenery with a stroll, a bike ride or even a boat trip!
"Impression West Lake" Show
With an atmospheric backdrop of mountains and the calm waters of the lake, the “Impression West Lake” show is a spectacle of light, music and dance, staged on the lake itself, telling a beautiful Chinese love story. The show has had a recent upgrade thanks to the recent G20 summit, hosted by Hangzhou.
XiXi Wetland
An oasis of nature just 15km from Hangzhou. XiXi Wetland is the perfect day trip for relaxation in the countryside. Climb the pagoda for panoramic views, watch a traditional local version of the Peking Opera performances, hire a boat for the day, or just relax and have a family barbecue in beautiful surroundings.
Lingyin Temple
Sheltered by forested hills just 9km from West Lake, Lingyin Temple is one of the largest and most visited Buddhist temples in China. The Hall of the Heavenly King houses the 19m tall Laughing Buddha statue, seated on a 10.5m lotus flower in front of 150 Buddha statues and 500 disciple statues.

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